Drummer Online Examples


All the latest sound and style examples for Drummer Online can now be heard here on Soundcloud.


All these examples were actually played on my mid 70s Olive Badge white Ludwig kit, just so you know 😎

A quick note re FZs Black Page. I had never bothered to learn this although I’ve been a HUGE fan of Frank since forever. I had the chart in front of me and even dropped in the end section, you can here a different snare drum! It’s also about 10 BPM slower than I’ve ever heard it. This was because I hadn’t learned it. I really only wanted to show that I understand the concept. It’s certainly not a performance. I HAD to say this in respect to FZ and all the drummers that CAN play it! :mrgreen:

I’m now back to using the 1982 Yamaha 9000