STUDIO – Technical Specifications


The Drums

• 1982 Yamaha 9000 Series

• 10” 12″ 13″ 14″ Toms, 22″ Bass Drum, Ludwig 400 Snare



• Calrec 1050C for Overheads

• AKG451 Hi Hat •  Audix D2 & D4 for toms

• Audix i5 for snare top

• Shure SM57 for snare bottom. There are 2 Bass Drum Mikes

• Audix D6 for inside the bass drum and an

• ADK S7 for outside the bass drum.  T BONE RB100 – As an Ambient mic.

The Studio Gear

• MacPro Quad Core Intel Xeon • OS 10.10.3

• Logic Pro X 10.2.4 (32bit) • SSL XLogic Alpha-Link & MadiXtreme 64 PCI Card. Hi Speed Madi I/O

• SSL X-Desk

• Audient ASP008 X 2 Mic Pre Amps (16 channels In)


Drum Kit


Other Info

Interleaved Stereo files (if wanted) for other Logic users. Split mono files for Pro Tools users (if wanted). Wave files as default, SD11 files or AIFF files as requested. 16 bit  24 bit  44.1K   48K or 96K sampling rate as requested.

If your track has no tempo changes & is in only 1 time signature simply send me a stereo music track (or mono if you prefer) 🙂 with the BPM & I will create my own click track. If your track is more complicated i.e. a few tempo changes & time signature changes then send me your tempo map & or a midi file of the song. I would simply paste your tempo & meter changes information onto my own studio template. Any other directions you want to give me either e-mail or text or we can talk on the telephone! It’s all so simple & it works!

All audio will be nicely valeted! (start wherever your composition starts & cleaned up at the end!)

Payment can be made by cheque or BACS (my preference) or via PAYPAL

(See Booking Form)